About Us

Company Profile

Acetech, Inc. is a company that seeks to provide computer hardware, software, parts and peripherals, and service to both small and large-scale businesses and consumer markets. In addition to their direct business-to-business sales channel, Acetech, Inc. has also been serving various computer shops nationwide for many years. Acetech, Inc. is committed to deliver high quality PCs with complete computing solutions to meet every customer's needs.

Acetech, Inc. was established in 1998 by professional businessmen. It has realized a steady growth of both profit and personnel while serving the needs of their clients in the areas of accountability, assembly, and integration.

Acetech, Inc. has developed long-standing and quality relationships with many of the nation's top companies. Majority of their clients have been with them for many years, affirming their dedication to service. Their experience in the industry has allowed them to develop and maintain a staff of highly qualified employees. The company has watched many of these employees grow personally and professionally under their employment. Their commitment to employees and clients alike has given them longevity and merit in the industry.


Acetech, Inc. is dedicated to work to give full support to their numerous clients. Their intent is to pay better attention to one's computing needs and requirements far more than their competitor does. Acetech makes its clients its top priority by providing top quality products and services at the lowest prices available, while maintaining the highest level of customer service. The company is also committed to continuous self-improvement by providing their employees with the tools and resources necessary for producing and delivering quality products and services that meet the expectations of their clients.


Acetech, Inc. envisions to be the country's leading computer company, who can provide creative and responsive solutions for their clients. A dynamic workplace that fosters teamwork, professional development, recognizes and rewards excellence, it aims to continuously increase its presence in the industry and to increase distribution of computer components throughout the country.